Fitting Your Puppy Harness

Fitting Your Puppy Harness: Finding The PerfectFit

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  • Why contact us before buying?
    Our harnesses are designed to offer optimum growth room, our friendly sizing team will discuss all puppy size options with you. Read more.
  • What is the right age to fit a puppy harness?
    As soon as they are ready to start exploring the world! Their excitement for life can cause them to pull on the lead, a harness will protect their delicate neck area. Read more.
  • Why PerfectFit for puppies?
    Our harnesses have 5 areas of adjustment, allowing you to expand the harness as your puppy grows, before having to replace any sections. Read more.
  • What size does your puppy need?
    Our expert team can advise on the right size for your puppy that offers as much growing room as possible. Read more.
  • How to put a harness on your puppy?
    Watch our helpful video on how to put on your puppy's new harness, here.

Why should you contact us before buying your puppy harness?

As we all know, puppies grow very quickly. Ensuring you have a harness that can cater for their growth is important. With up to 5 areas of adjustment, the PerfectFit Harness is designed to offer optimum growth room for your puppy. Our expert sizing team will discuss all puppy size options with you ahead of your purchase. This ensures that we recommend a size combination which offers as much growth room as possible without compromising the fit or comfort for your young puppy. As your puppy grows we can advise on upgrading individual sections of the harness, ensuring maximum comfort for your puppy, while keeping the harness purchase journey cost effective for you!

As you and your puppy begin your socialisation & training journey, the PerfectFit Harness and Lead provide safety & support for your puppy’s first steps into the world alongside you.

Training your puppy takes time and patience as well as plenty of yummy treats! (check out our treat training pouch PacoPouch). As young puppies may not have mastered recall or bonded properly with their owners in the early stages of puppyhood, a safe and secure puppy harness and lead becomes a crucial tool as a starting point. Many dog owners find that a long line is a great way to allow their puppies to freely explore while maintaining safety with the attachment of the long line.

Puppy Harness

A harness is essential when using a long line style of lead, as the risk of potential serious injury to the neck exists if a puppy were to run to the end of the line while attached to a collar. A puppy harness and lead is the ideal combination to ensure a happy, comfortable and safe puppy!

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What age can you put a harness on a puppy?

Purple Puppy Harness

At PerfectFit, we advocate fitting puppies with a well-designed harness as soon as they are ready to embark on the exciting journey of exploring the world. Puppies, known for their enthusiastic and excitable nature, tend to exhibit a lack of impulse control, and are generally keen to play and rush to explore all things new! This means that naturally, they will be inclined to pull on their lead. It is crucial to prioritise their health, comfort & safety, taking into consideration their delicate and developing neck area. Puppies’ necks are especially delicate. Although new experiences can be a source of fun for youngsters, some novel environments can be overwhelming and sometimes scary, so using a well-fitted secure puppy harness is essential.

The PerfectFit Harness ensures that your puppy remains secure and comfortable, with minimal risk of escaping, preventing accidents and providing you with peace of mind. Our friendly customer service team are always here to help with any questions you may have!

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Why is the PerfectFit Harness ideal for puppies?

The PerfectFit small dog harness is made up of three sections and has up to 5 areas of adjustment. This design allows you to expand the puppy harness as they grow, then replace individual sections of the harness as necessary. Comfort is an important aspect contributing to successful puppy training sessions. The PerfectFit puppy harness is made with soft padded fleece and allows freedom of front leg movement, making for a comfortable and therefore more relaxed puppy. Unlike collars, which may cause discomfort & potential risk of damage to the trachea and surrounding organs, our small dog harness helps to reduce stress and supports the learning process.

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What size does my puppy need?

PerfectFitPuppy Harness

A common question we get asked is ‘What size harness for a puppy?’ Our online sizing calculator is designed to recommend size combinations for dogs over one year of age. For dogs under one year, we encourage you to contact our expert sizing team through Live Chat, Social Media, telephone, or email. We can then discuss all sizing options with you to help find the perfect puppy harness as well as ensure that we recommend a size that offers as much growing room as possible. We will also advise on future purchases as your puppy gets bigger. Our team is available from 9.30am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. When reaching out, share pictures of your puppy and their girth measurement, enabling us to suggest a size as accurately as possible. Your puppies health, comfort & safety are our top priorities at PerfectFit.

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How to put a harness on a puppy

When your PerfectFit Harness arrives, all 3 pieces of the harness will be put together for you! The PerfectFit harness, unlike many other harnesses is secured around the body, rather than put on over the head. This can make the introduction of the harness less stressful for your little one. With no need to manoeuvre legs into holes, it’s as simple as fitting your puppy in the harness by securing three clips. Welcome to a stress free experience for both you and your little puppy.

We have a helpful video on how to put on your puppy's harness, here you will find information on how to adjust the harness to ensure the perfect fit.

How to Measure your Puppy's Girth

How to fit your Puppy's PerfectFit Harness

Putting your Puppy's Harness together