Easy Pet Care Advice & Tips: Tips for Happy, Healthy Dogs

Pet Care

Taking care of a dog is an incredibly rewarding experience that brings joy and companionship into our lives. It also comes with responsibilities to ensure our canine friends remain happy and healthy. In this blog we explore how to take care of a pet, from grooming to nail clipping, here are some easy pet care tips to keep your four legged family member thriving. 

Kind & Compassionate Handling During Grooming 

Grooming is an essential part of pet care. The level of grooming your dog will need is dependant on the type of coat that they have, as well as their age and the time of year. However, this experience can be stressful for many dogs, and therefore making the task for humans also stressful.  Kind & compassionate handling techniques are crucial to ensure grooming sessions are a positive experience for your dog. Take your time, be gentle and use plenty of reassurance and treats to help your dog to feel more relaxed and comfortable. 

Find an Ethical Groomer

If your pet has the type of coat that needs regular care from a professional, be sure to find a groomer who is knowledgeable about behaviour and uses ethical grooming practises. Look for groomers who prioritise kind and compassionate handling techniques with minimal use of force, and maximum use of treats!


Pet Care Dog Grooming

Gradual Exposure to Groomers

If your pet is nervous about grooming, consider gradually exposing them to a groomer in a positive way. Start by visiting the groomers salon for short periods, allowing your dog to become familiar in the environment with you there before you leave them on their own. Make the experience fun by using toys, praise, and treats. 

Cooperative Care Techniques 

Cooperative care involves teaching your dog to voluntarily stand still whilst being examined by the use of a visual target and positive reinforcement training techniques. Cooperative pet care techniques can help make husbandry tasks such as nail clipping, ear cleaning, and general examination more manageable for you, and stress free for your pet. 

Nail Clipping Alternatives 

Nail clipping can be a daunting task for both pets and their owners. Consider using a tool such as a Dremel, a rotary tool that gently files down your pets’ nails, as an alternative to traditional nail clippers. Provided this is introduced slowly and positively, a Dremel can provide more control and help to prevent accidental cuts or nicks, especially for dogs with dark or thick nails. Alternatively, teach your dog to a use a scratch board, a textured surface designed to naturally file down nails as they scratch/paw it. 

Tasty Bones for Dental Health 

Maintaining your dog’s dental health is a crucial part of easy pet care. Offer your dog tasty raw bones to promote clean teeth and healthy gums, as well as mental stimulation. Consult your vet to find out which bones are appropriate for your dog and how often to give them to your dog.


PerfectFit Dog Harness

High quality Walking Equipment  

A well designed harness which does not slide around on the body will prevent rubbing and chaffing, and therefore reduce the risk of matting the coat and compromising a dog’s comfort. 

Ethical Training Techniques 

It is no secret that excessive amounts of stress can negatively impact a dog’s physical health, including the condition of their coat.  By using ethical training techniques such as positive reinforcement, you can create a well rounded and confident dog, minimizing their exposure to unnecessary stressors. 

In summary, easy pet care is about more than just meeting your pet’s needs – it’s about nurturing a strong bond built on kindness, compassion and trust. By implementing these easy pet care tips and techniques, you can ensure your dog enjoys a happy, healthy life by your side.