Dog Friendly Days Out for Tail Wagging Excitement 

Dog Friendly Days Out

Are you ready to embark upon unforgettable adventures with your dog? Look no further! From leisurely strolls to exhilarating explorations, there’s a plethora of dog friendly days out waiting for you and your canine pal right here in the UK. There is an increasing desire among dog parents to be able to include their dogs in day trips and outings rather than leaving them at home alone. As a result of this, there is an increasing number of dog friendly places available to visit in the UK, which means that, including our four-legged family members in our activities has never been easier! Enjoy our blog, where we dive into the word of dog friendly days out, celebrating the incredible bond between human and dog. 

1. Paws and Pints: Dog Friendly Pubs 

Dog friendly pubs are a great blend of socialisation and relaxation for both you and your dog. To ensure your dog is comfortable in such settings, bring along a cozy bed or mat, a bowl of water and perhaps a Kong, filled with something tasty, to encourage relaxation. 

2. Staycations with Your Pooch: Dog Friendly get Aways

The UK is a haven for dog walking explorations. With its breathtaking landscapes, the UK offers so much natural beauty waiting to be explored by human and dog. The options for dog friendly stays are endless.

Dog Friendly Pubs

3. Off Lead Adventures: Secure Fields 

If your dog is still learning the recall ropes, a secure field is a great way to offer off lead freedom without the worry of your dog not returning when called. To add an extra element of fun, create a treasure hunt of treats or hide their favourite toys for an enriching experience. 

4. Café Culture: Puppuccinos and More

Treat your dog to a taste of café culture with a trip to a dog friendly café. Your dog can indulge in a Puppuccino or simply relax next to you, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of a novel environment, an ideal opportunity to teach your dog to stay calm in busy environments. Remember to take a bed and a bowl of water. 

5. Greenery Galore: Garden Centres

Most Garden centres are dog friendly. With a huge array of shopping delights to peruse, from plants to gifts and food, your dog can join you for the whole experience, taking in all the sensory delights as they go. 

6. Historic Hounds: Heritage Sites & Castles

Heritage sites, castles, ruins, abbeys and many other historic buildings are scattered through-out the UK. Many of these iconic locations are dog friendly, allowing you to soak in the centuries of history while your dog walks and explores alongside you.

PerfectFit Harness

7. Summit Serenity: Trig Points and High Points 

Trigonometrical Points, which are usually concrete and about four feet tall, were designed to determine the exact shape of the country by Ordnance Survey. With over six thousand scattered around the UK, your nearest Trig will be located up somewhere high, and somewhere beautiful. If you enjoy hiking and dog walking, take a climb to find your nearest Trig. Pack a thermos, some snacks, and enjoy taking in those incredible views with your dog. Don’t forget to pack a dog coat for those chilly height temperatures. 

8. Nature’s Playground: National Parks

Dog walking has never been so breath taking! Immerse yourself in nature by visiting National Parks such as Snowdonia, the Peak District, Brecon Beacons, Lake District, and the Yorkshire Dales. Note that if you’re considering climbing a mountain, ensure your dog is fit enough and aged appropriately for the challenge. 

9. Wild Adventures: Zoos and Wildlife Parks

Some zoos and wildlife parks are dog friendly so long as your dog is on a lead, well socialised and comfortable around other animals so as not to cause unnecessary stress. Cotswold Wildlife Park is known for its dog friendly atmosphere and is a great choice for an enriching dog experience day. 

Ensuring Dog Welfare During Day Trips 

Whichever dog friendly day out you chose, it is essential to always prioritize your dog’s welfare. Ensure they have access to water, a comfortable bed, and ample space in the car to rest. Safety should be paramount, so invest in secure equipment, such as a well fitted harness, designed for safety and comfort, ideal for all day wear. Dog first aid kit? Multi-functional leads are ideal for all day use, and every dog experience day, as the length can be altered as necessary. It is also worth investing in a canine first aid kit, ensuring prompt medical attention in the case of emergencies. Don’t forget to pack treats to store in your treat pouch, your dog’s dinner if you stay out later than planned and a dog coat for when the British weather turns on you! 

Making memories is priceless. The UK is brimming with dog friendly days out waiting to be discovered. Whether you are strolling through historic sites, savouring a puppuccino in a café, or embarking on a mountain climb, every moment with your dog is an adventure worth treasuring. So, harness up, treats packed, happy walkies!