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  1. Navigating the Puppy Boom: A guide to Responsible Sourcing

    Navigating the Puppy Boom: A guide to Responsible Sourcing 

    Puppy Harness PerfectFit

    The COVID-19 pandemic, understandably, sparked an unprecedented surge in the demand for canine companionship, leading to a booming dog buying market. This demand resulted in a dramatic increase in the prices of puppies. But as prospective puppy owners, what are we truly paying for? Is it a healthier pup? A happier pup? A lifetime of support from the breeder? Sadly, the reality is not always in favour of the buyer. In many cases, the spike in puppy prices can be attributed to factors that don’t necessarily enhance the well-being of the dog. Sometimes, these elevated costs are as a result of trends in stylish coat

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  2. Empowering Our Dogs: The Art of Balancing Boundaries and Freedom

    Welcoming dogs into our lives is an incredibly fulfilling and privileged job to em-bark upon! As responsible pet owners, it is crucial to create a healthy balance between setting boundaries and allowing our canine friends to make their own choices.

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  3. Great Dane Harness: The Perfect harness for your large dog

    The Great Dane, also known as the "Apollo of Dogs," is a majestic and regal breed that has a rich and fascinating history. Originating from Germany, this breed has captured the hearts of dog lovers around the world with its impressive size and gentle nature.

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  4. Greyhound Harness: What to look for in a harness

    The Greyhound, a breed known for its grace, speed, and elegance, has a rich and fascinating history that dates back thousands of years. Originating in ancient Egypt, this breed has captivated the hearts of many civilizations throughout history. Let's delve into the captivating history of the Greyhound.

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  5. Nurturing Happiness Through Enrichment

    Enrichment for dogs extends beyond physical exercise, taking a holistic approach that addresses both the body and mind. While regular exercise and fresh air is an essential part of a dog’s well-being, mental stimulation is equally important for fostering happiness and overall emotional health. 

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  6. Jack Russell Harness: Searching for the perfect harness?

    The Jack Russell Terrier is a small and energetic breed that is known for their lively and tenacious nature, Jack Russells have become beloved companions for many dog lovers. But how did this breed come to be? Let's dive into the rich history of Jack Russell.

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