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The unique ethical dog harness that will make your dog happier and your life easier.

Meet the team

Based at our UK HQ, in the heart of the Malvern Hills, the PerfectFit Team are driven by our shared devotion to bettering dog welfare. Below you can find out a little more about each of us.

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How it all started

Our journey to bettering dog and owner welfare started back in 2004 by Sally & Sean Hopkins. Behavioural analysis led Sally & Sean to the conclusion that walking a dog on a traditional collar may be detrimental to a dog’s health and welfare, potentially exacerbating or creating behavioural problems and affecting their ability to learn.

Being the innovator that she is, Sally designed the original Fleece Lined Harness but found that this standard style of harness could not cater for every weird and wonderful shape of dog. With the help of a dedicated production team Sally was able to improve and develop the design, resulting in the evolutionary unique modular harness, known today as the PerfectFit Harness.

Consisting of three different interchangeable pieces and produced in 4 width variants, the soft and padded PerfectFit caters for almost any size and shape of dog. It truly is the ultimate walking harness.

Fast forward to today

Our dedicated teams work tirelessly, from our UK production factory where our sewers lovingly hand make each piece, through to our wonderful sales team, on hand to guide you through the sizing process. And, finally the warehouse squad, responsible for the prompt dispatch of hundreds of harnesses around the world every day.

Our Ethos

As passionate animal welfare advocates, we strongly believe in kind, compassionate and science based training methods that focus on using positive reinforcement and are free from force or coercion. We are extremely grateful to have such a huge global support network of Positive Reinforcement canine professionals as well as Vets & Physios, who share our ethos and use our products.

We hand make all of our products in the UK and strive to use only the best quality materials, sourced locally whenever possible.

We are committed to looking after your dog’s health, comfort and safety, and improve the welfare of both dogs and owners together, now and in the future.