20mm S-XS-S PerfectFit Harness (45-55cm)

£40.96 £34.13

Suitable for puppies & small dogs with a girth measurement of between 45 and 55 cm

Comfy and calming
for your dog

Recommended by
vets and trainers

Modular design to fit
any dog type

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£40.96 £34.13

A complete 20mm PerfectFit Harness consisting of a Size S Top piece, a size XS Front piece, and a size S Girth piece


Adjustable in 5 places

Easy to clip around your dogs’ neck & does not go on over the head

Each piece can be replaced or upsized as and when needed

D-ring attachment on the Top piece & Front piece

Allows freedom of front leg movement

Y-shaped front avoids the soft tissues of the throat & neck

Comfortable, soft, high quality fleece

Machine washable at 30 degrees

Made in the UK

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More Information
Size 1m
Colour Black
Girth Size Range 45-55cm (18-22 Inches)